On the Biology and Exploitation of Shrimp at the Flemish Cap 1995. This was my first trip to the Flemish Cap and the first real shrimp field trip. I put forward a theory on the life cycle of the shrimp out there.

Short time variation in CPUE of Shrimp at the Flemish Cap. I have studied shrimp at the Flemish Cap since 1995. It is common to use CPUE as a stock index for shrimp and other species. How reliable is it?

Changes in Population Structure of the Shrimp Stock at Flemish Cap 1995-2000. The fishery started in a virgin shrimp stock in 1993. Successive removal of large shrimp has resulted in reduction in maximum size of shrimp, increased recruitment, retarded growth and smaller size at sex change. This top-down fishery has resulted in reduced average size of shrimp in the catch. When this effect is seen in fish stocks it is often (is?) interpreted as a result of overfishing.

Growth of shrimp at the Flemish Cap 2000-2001. Growth rate of shrimp at the Flemish Cap improved in 2001, which is a reversal of the gradual growth reduction observed from 1995 to 2000. This reflects improved conditions for the individual shrimp, which may stem from a general improvement in feeding conditions or lower population numbers. This is expected to be reflected in improved catch rates and lower average counts of shrimp caught in 2001.