** Norway and Russia agree on fishing quotas for 2009

By: Rolleiv Solholm

Norway and Russia have agreed on new quotas for the two nations' fisheries in the Barents Sea for 2009, with a substantial increase in the quota for cod.The stock situation in the Barents Sea is very encouraging, and this will benefit Norwegian and Russian fishers and coastal communities, says Minister of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs Helga Pedersen.

Cod and haddock quotas will increase, and will be higher in 2009 than for many years. We see that our long-term cooperation on responsible management, research and control is reaping great rewards, the Minister said after after the end of this week's session of the Joint Norwegian-Russian Fisheries Commission.

The parties have agreed to set the 2009 cod quota at 525,000 tonnes, the haddock quota at 194,000 tonnes and to allow capelin fishing within a quota of 390,000 tonnes. For Norway, the quota increase for cod and haddock and the reopening of capelin fishing represents a landed value of around $1506908838 to $ 226036324 (NOK 1 and 1.5 billion). Both directly and through ripple effects this will contribute to stable employment and value creation in the fisheries industry, according to a Ministry press release.

Norway and Russia have an extensive research collaboration on living marine resources and the ecosystem in the Barents Sea. This cooperation provides the basis for management of the resources, and the parties have reached an agreement on the joint Norwegian-Russian research programme for 2009.

Source: The Norway Post

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